Visitors Information

Two visitors at a time are now permitted to general wards. Visiting must be strictly within visiting hours (10am-1pm & 3pm-8pm). 

Visits outside of these hours must be authorised by the unit manager and are only permitted in exceptional circumstances. Hours also vary for Level 3 patients. Speak with the ward. 

Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing observed.


NOTE: No visitors are permitted to patients who are COVID-19 positive except under compassionate grounds (eg end of life). Speak to the Nurse Unit Manager. 

Northern Beaches Hospital is at: 105 Frenchs Forest Road (West) Frenchs Forest NSW 2086.

In addition to traditional signage within the hospital, we also have way finding machines on the ground floor to assist with navigation around the hospital.

Visiting Hours (see top of page)

Visitors of Northern Beaches Hospital are requested to:

  • Be courteous and considerate to other patients, visitors and staff - aggressive or violent behaviour towards staff, other patients or visitors will not be tolerated
  • Observe the No Smoking or Vaping rule of the hospital - do not smoke or vape on hospital grounds
  • No more than two people at a time (unless permission is granted)
  • Overnight stays for visitors are not permitted except if the patient is terminally ill, a minor, non-English speaking, suffering from dementia, the partner of a private maternity patient, or otherwise at the discretion of the hospital
  • Keep noise to a minimum
  • Ensure children are supervised at all times
  • Avoid the use of mobile phones and if necessary, keep on 'silent' mode.
  • No photography or filming of our staff or other visitors without written permission. Consent forms are available from

Forest Kitchen
Forest Kitchen is a sophisticated new concept in hospital food services.

Across a variety of outlets in comfortable surrounds, Forest Kitchen aims to deliver healthy, fresh, fast, and an ethically-sourced food, along with comforting favourites like baked goods and sweets.

Together, the food team crafts seasonal offerings for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the 'meal-in-between-the meal' for those on-the-go.

Forest Kitchen has two special coffee blends and a full range of espresso-based drinks, as well as delicious hot chocolate, a selection of teas, and refreshing cold beverages.

Forest Kitchen is open 6:30am - 8:30pm, Monday to Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday) and is located on the Hospital Ground Floor.

Cafe on 7

Cafe on 7, located on Level 7, is a great spot for a coffee and lunch overlooking the beautiful Northern Beaches.

Across a variety of outlets in comfortable surrounds, For

Artisian Flowers

Artisan Flowers supplies floral bouquets, floral arrangements, balloons and gifts to Hospital patients and the Northern Beaches surrounds.

Delivery within the Hospital is free and guaranteed within 2 hours of placing an order.

Online ordering is available.

Artisan Flowers is locatated on the Hospital Ground Floor.

Convenience store and newsagency

The convenience store and newsagency carries a wide range of items and select services, including:

  • cold beverages, confectionary, ice-creams and snacks
  • beauty and health products
  • baby products
  • magazines and newspapers
  • giftware and greeting cards
  • simple apparel
  • activity kits and games
  • stationery
  • Opal cards
  • mobile phone prepaid data
  • NSW Lotteries
  • dry cleaning.

The store is located on the Hospital Ground Floor.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital, including patient rooms and public areas. Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device and select the Healthscope network.

Electrical Appliances

Small electrical appliances, such as shavers and hairdryers, may be used in the hospital. However, it is necessary to have these items checked and tagged as electrically safe by a qualified electrician prior to your admission, so please advise nursing staff if you wish to use appliances that have not been checked. Faulty equipment may interfere with the use of vital medical equipment. We do not accept responsibility for damage to, or personal injury from, electrical items bought into the hospital.

Flowers and balloons delivered for patients will be sent to the patient's room when permitted. Due to infection control precautions, live flowers are not permitted in Intensive Care.

As a healthcare facility we endorse a smoke free environment for all staff, visitors and patients. Smoking is, therefore, prohibited in the hospital and on the hospital grounds. For patients who find this difficult, please discuss alternative therapies with your doctor or nurse - we can provide appropriate support. Patients who wish to smoke must leave the hospital grounds at their own risk, unaccompanied by staff. Please inform the ward staff of your intention to do so.

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