Welcome to Northern Beaches Hospital

Welcome to Northern Beaches Hospital. We’re a state-of-the-art facility and 24/7 Emergency Department dedicated to the care of the people and families of the Northern Beaches community.

Here, the focus is you. Your expert team of surgeons, specialist doctors, dedicated nurses and other professionals will ensure that your holistic healthcare experience is the best it can be. 

Your local, world-class hospital has both private and public beds. If you have private health insurance, you can choose to stay as a private patient. 

As the leading hospital in the region, we perform a range of surgeries, and provide intensive care, cardiac, neurosurgery, birthing, paediatrics, orthopaedics, mental health, renal and cancer care, and outpatient support. 

Coming to hospital may be unsettling for some. Be reassured that you’re in the very best hands.


Last updated 15 November, 2021


Two visitors are permitted at a time as long as a visitor:

  • Is at least 12 years of age.
  • Has had two doses of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Has evidence of their vaccination status when they enter the facility.
  • Wears a surgical mask correctly on entry at the facility and maintains physical distancing for the duration of the visit.

Birthing mothers may have a support partner and one other person present during the birth. After the birth, they may have their support partner plus two visitors with the above requirements.

No visitors are permitted in the Emergency Department except for paediatrics patients (one parent), people with disabilities (one carer) or under compassionate circumstances.

No visitors are permitted in outpatient services. Patients must attend on their own except for paediatrics patients (one parent), people with disabilities (one carer) or under compassionate circumstances.

Under quarantine restrictions, people who have returned from overseas must not visit the hospital for at least 7 days after returning. A negative day 7 test result must be shown in addition to double vaccination proof.


Visiting hours are 10.00am to 1.00pm, then again from 3.00pm till 8.00pm. Any visits outside of these hours must have approval from the relevant ward staff. 


These rules only apply to non-COVID-19 wards and non-COVID-19 positive patients.

Visitor restrictions still remain for those not vaccinated or partially vaccinated. Approval must be sought from the Unit Manager before attending the hospital. Hospital staff will give careful and compassionate consideration to individual circumstances.



Patients and support partners of maternity patients will still need to complete a screening questionnaire. This will be emailed to you to complete or you can fill in when you arrive at the hospital. This includes those attending private suites, imaging, pathology, outpatients and pharmacy. Visitors will need to check in via Service NSW app and show proof of double vaccination.



To help keep patients and staff safe, Northern Beaches Hospital also requires patients to have a COVID-19 test prior to your appointment. Northern Beaches COVID clinic is open 7 days 8am-5pm or to find other locations


  • INPATIENTS – All inpatients of the hospital arriving for surgery, procedure or overnight stay at the hospital. Please test 3 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT
  • MATERNITY PATIENTS & SUPPORT PARTNERS - maternity patients and their support partners will need to surveillance test once a week from 36 weeks gestation or 72 hours before any antenatal visit. You will still need to fill out the online form or complete a paper form when you arrive and show this to staff at the front entrance.
  • RENAL DIALYSIS AND DAY MEDICAL PATIENTS - renal dialysis and patients attending the Day Medical Centre for oncology or infusions treatments will need to test weekly. You will still need to fill out the online form or complete a paper form when you arrive and show this to staff at the front entrance.

There is no need to isolate between having your test and your appointment.

These rules apply regardless of vaccination status.

Note: People who require urgent or emergency care will always be treated. The extra measures are about limiting the risk to our patients and staff.



NBH now has a limited number of Pfizer vaccinations available to the public for people over 12 and under 59 years of age. 

Please phone 9105 5875 to book for Astra Zeneca vaccinations.



8.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Sunday
105 Frenchs Forest Road, Frenchs Forest (rear of the Emergency Department).

Drive directly to the clinic by following the signs, please do not use the main car park.  

For people walking or travelling by public transport, follow the red line outside the hospital, then ring the Emergency Department intercom and they will be escorted to the clinic 
for testing. 

Other clinic locations are available here



For questions, complaints, compliments and feedback call us on (02) 9105 5000 or email feedback.nbh@healthscope.com.au


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