Your care

The primary population catchment area for the Northern Beaches Hospital is the area covered by the Northern Beaches Council Local Government Area.
We treat both private and public patients in a safe and supportive healthcare environment. Whether you choose to come to hospital as a private or public patient, you will receive the same high standard of care.

The range of services available will reduce your need to travel outside the Northern Beaches except for certain highly-specialised treatments that are only provided at a few hospitals state-wide.

At Healthscope, we also recognise the importance of bridging the gap between the hospital environment and community-based services. We work with Northern Sydney Local Health District to ensure there is a coordinated approach to your care.

Coming to hospital as a private patient

You can choose private hospital accommodation in your Northern Beaches area, close to family and friends.

As a private patient, you have the opportunity to select the specialist of your choice with new, clean accommodation, excellent food, free Wi-Fi internet and television.

Coming to hospital as a public patient

We provide free care for public patients under an arrangement with Northern Sydney Local Health District. 

Our Assistance

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