For private mums

Private obstetric care is for private mums who want to choose their doctor.

Pregnancy care is provided from the doctor’s rooms, many of which are located within Northern Beaches Hospital.

Mums have a guaranteed private room and partners can stay overnight. Delivery is by your chosen obstetrician and care after birth is guided by the same doctor.

As a private mum you receive:

  • Your choice of Obstetrician
  • Guaranteed private room with ensuite – truly stunning accommodation with beautiful toiletries and all the little luxuries
  • Your Private Liaison Midwife throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey - get a personalised tour of the hospital, talk about your planned birthing experience and ask as many questions as you like
  • Support from midwives in the Well Baby Nursery - if you need a break, our lovely midwives can take care of your little one overnight
  • Special Care Nursery immediately next to the private maternity ward – babies from 32 weeks don’t need to be separated from mum and sent to a specialist hospital
  • Hotel style multi-course meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as morning and afternoon tea and supper
  • Congratulations plate with freshly made macarons and chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Celebrations high tea for you and your partner to enjoy
  • Snack box with yummy treats like chocolates and fresh fruit for your stay
  • Chilled food menu that you can access 24-7 including sushi, budha bowls and hot smoked salmon noodles
  • Pull out bed for partner to stay
  • Hotel services so you can request change of laundry when you want it
  • Baby photographer to capture those important newborn moments
  • Exclusive gift bag containing treats that mums tell us they enjoy
  • Access to the Gidget Foundation for support with perinatal depression and anxiety.

You also have access to additional paid services such as antenatal parenting classes, gourmet meals for partners and much more.

For more information about the private maternity package, please email


For public mums

Midwifery group practice

This is for public mums with a low-risk pregnancy. Mums have a dedicated midwife throughout their pregnancy and for the birth and then early discharge back home, within 4-6 hours for a vaginal birth.

Midwifery-led care

This is for public mums with a low risk-pregnancy. Care is provided by midwives in our antenatal clinic and midwives deliver the baby. Mums share a room and have access to midwives in the home up until 14 days after delivering baby.

GP shared care

This is for public mums and care is provided by mum’s GP and midwives in our antenatal clinic. Midwives deliver the baby and mums share a room. They have access to midwives in the home up until 14 days after delivering baby. Further information is available here.


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