Cancer Care

The Northern Beaches Hospital Medical Oncology and Haematology service provides outstanding cancer management to both public and private patients in the community.

The Hospital offers the following Cancer Care services:

The Oncology and Infusion Centre - a 12-chair facility, operating Monday to Friday, for the delivery of:

  • intravenous infusions, subcutaneous and oral cancer treatments (outpatient chemotherapy, immunotherapy and non-cytotoxic cancer treatments such as targeted therapies and hormonal treatments)
  • non-malignant haematology therapies
    (eg blood transfusions, iron infusions)
  • medical Infusions
    (eg for gastroenterology, immunology, neurology, respiratory specialities)
  • venesection
    (eg for the treatment of haemochromatosis)

Radiation therapy - Radiation oncology specialists from nearby treatment centres have visiting rights to Northern Beaches Hospital and provide a regular outpatient clinic. Radiation Oncology treatment is conducted at facilities in the local vicinity, including:

Inpatient care - Patients are treated by a highly-experienced clinical team and led by specialist Oncologists and Haematologists with a palliative care and radiation oncology consulting service. Specialists are supported by oncology and palliative care clinical nurse consultants, a McGrath breast nurse, specialised nursing staff, and Allied Health professionals.

Palliative care - The Northern Beaches Hospital outpatient oncology service has links to community and inpatient palliative care facilities/services run by the Northern Sydney Local Health District and Hammond Care, including:

To contact one of our specialist doctors, please refer to the Northern Beaches Hospital Doctors Directory for their latest practice information:

  • Dr Tristan Barnes
  • Dr Jennifer Man
  • Dr Antony Mersiades
  • Dr Antonia Pearson
  • Associate Professor Pirooz Poursolta
  • Assoc. Prof. Gavin Marx
  • Dr Anupam Chaudhuri
  • Dr Michael Izard
  • Dr Dasantha Jayamanne
  • Dr Gillian Lamoury
  • Dr Marita Morgia
  • Dr Mark Stevens
  • Dr Kirsty Stuar
  • Dr Amber Biscoe
  • Dr Luke Coyle
  • Dr Grace Gifford
  • Dr Maansi Joshi
  • Dr Naomi MacKinlay
  • Dr Eleni Mayson
  • Dr Victoria Pechey
  • Dr William Stevenson
  • Dr Ian Tang
  • Bronwyn Thorp
  • Grace Gifford
  • Dr Abigail Franklin
  • Dr Peter Roach

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