Pharmacy services are provided by Epic Pharmacy, located on the Ground Floor of the hospital. We supply hospital, clinical and retail pharmacy services. Our team is made up of clinical pharmacists, dispensary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We work closely with doctors, nurses and other health professionals with a focus on delivering the best quality medication management for patients of Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH). 

Comprehensive clinical pharmacy services are offered, including patients in the emergency department, when discharging from the hospital and patients admitted for a day procedure.

The comprehensive clinical pharmacy services include:

  • Counselling hospital patients on new medications or changes in medication therapy
  • Pharmacist review of medications on admission to ward
  • Education sessions for patients
  • Provision of up-to-date medication lists and advice at time of discharge
  • Safe and timely supply of medications to patients and the wards of the hospital
  • Regular reviews of the medications prescribed during hospital admission
  • Provision of recommendations to medical staff on drug treatment oncology (cancer care)
  • Review and supply of chemotherapy
  • Drug information services and education sessions to other health care professionals
  • Introduction and evaluation of medication safety initiatives
  • Professional and caring service to all inpatients

When you are admitted

A pharmacist will usually see you within 48 hours of your admission and take your full medication history, particularly if you are on high-risk medications or a complex medication regime. This helps the team at NBH to ensure that your medications throughout your admission are correct, safe and effective for you.

During your Stay

A pharmacist is assigned to each ward of the hospital and they will visit your ward and monitor your medication usage daily. They will make sure all the medications you need are available, safe and effective. Your pharmacist may attend bedside rounds with your hospital team, and will work closely with medical, nursing and allied health staff to improve your medication use.

When you leave

A pharmacist will visit you and make sure you understand the medications you need to take at home. You will be provided with written information to help you remember how to take your medicines and what they are for. You will be provided with any new or changed medicines, or a prescription to get these from your regular pharmacy.

What medications should I bring to hospital?

Bring all of your medications with you. Your hospital pharmacist will need to know which medications you are taking including medications bought from your local pharmacy, supermarket, health food store or other source, including herbal and 'alternative' remedies. If you are a private patient, your medications will be used during your inpatient stay.

If you have a concession card for pharmaceuticals, please present this card to admission staff or as soon as possible afterwards.

Epic Pharmacy will dispense new medications prescribed during your admission/stay and ensure that you are supplied with the required medications on discharge. Charges for medications dispensed during your admission and on discharge that are not covered by your health fund will be charged to you directly and an invoice given at discharge or in the mail.

Pharmacists are available on the ward during normal working hours. If you have any questions about your medications, please speak to your nurse in the first instance and they can arrange for the pharmacist to visit you.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 9:00am to 5:00pm

General enquiries: 02 9122 3000

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