Pain Medicine

We provide a range of clinical services for assessing and managing patients experiencing pain.

The acute pain service is an inpatient run by specialist anaesthetists and pain nurses and provides a team that can review inpatients experiencing pain due to their condition and/or its treatment. Usually, this involves expert management of patients around the time of surgery or with pain from trauma and includes medication and interventional options such as nerve blockade. The acute pain service can be accessed through admission to hospital and following referral from the admitting team.

For privately insured, DVA or compensable outpatients with chronic pain, pain can be assessed and managed by a Pain Medicine Specialist through Northern Beaches Pain Management.

Pain management services include:

  • Medication management including opioid reduction and medications for nerve pain
  • Simple interventional techniques including nerve blocks to diagnose pain conditions and provide shorter term pain relief
  • Interventional options such as radiofrequency techniques for longer term pain management
  • Implantable procedures including spinal cord stimulation for management of chronic severe nerve pain
  • Following referral from oncology or palliative medicine, interventional options for some forms of cancer pain to improve pain control and/or reduce medication usage. 

VMO Pain Specialist
Dr Tim Hucker
Northern Beaches Pain Management
Tel 02 9030 4610
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