Medical Supspecialties - Haematology

The Department provides a specialist haematology service in all areas of general clinical haematology.

Our specialists consult in a wide range of clinical areas, including haemostasis and thrombosis, pregnancy, transfusion medicine, and surgery. Chemotherapy administration, blood transfusion and other blood product administration is available via the Oncology and Infusion Centre.

The following VMO haematologists can be contacted via the Hospital switchboard on 9105 5000:

  • Dr Amber Biscoe
  • Dr Grace Gifford
  • Dr Naomi Mackinlay
  • Dr Eleni Mayson
  • Dr Tory Pechey
  • Dr William Stevenson
  • Dr Ian Tang

Medical Subspecialties - Respiratory Medicine

The Northern Beaches Hospital Respiratory Medicine service provides public and private patients with inpatient care for all respiratory medical conditions, including lung function testing and bronchoscopy.

Outpatients may access:

  • the Mona Vale Hospital Chest Clinic for the investigation and treatment of tuberculosis and related conditions
  • the Northern Beaches Hospital Lung Cancer Clinic and bronchoscopy services.

The Respiratory Department also runs the Lung Function Laboratory at the Northern Beaches Hospital; a leading testing facility that can accurately measure lung function at rest. It is expected to offer sophisticated exercise testing in future. Bronchoscopy equipment is used to examine the insides of patients' lungs whilst they are anaesthetised. These tests are helpful in diagnosing lung cancers and infections, among other things.


For an elective admission, please contact one of our physicians at Peninsula Respiratory Group, located in the Hospital's private consulting suites,
on 9975 4911:

  • Dr Kate Barclay
  • Dr Stanley Braude
  • Professor Keith Burgess
  • Dr Patricia Hullah
  • Dr Philip Lee


Please be aware you will need a valid referral (usually from a GP) to attend the outpatients clinics.

  • Chest Clinic
    Mona Vale Hospital
    Phone: 9998 0333 (switch)
  • Lung Cancer Clinic
    Outpatients Department
    Northern Beaches Hospital
    Phone: 9105 5020

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