General Medicine

The Northern Beaches Hospital Department of General Medicine is made up of Physicians who have had specialist training to treat complex medical conditions.

Where an inpatient does not have a clear-cut diagnosis, or has a number of complex disorders, a General Physician will provide primary care in consultation with his or her sub-specialist colleagues.

Each of the Hospital's General Physicians has their own sub-specialist skills, including cardiology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, nephrology, respiratory medicine, and rheumatology. However, our team members will draw from their many years of combined experience to diagnose, investigate, and manage patients with multiple - and, sometimes, interconnected - conditions.

Patients can access the General Medicine services via the Hospital's Emergency Department, or admission by a General Physician - please refer to the Northern Beaches Hospital Doctors Directory for current practice information:

  • Dr Chris Barnes
  • Dr Patrick Coleman
  • Dr Jennifer Dorman
  • Dr Arvind Iyer
  • Dr John-Paul Killen
  • Dr Tim Lu
  • Dr Michael Mina
  • Dr Tony Morrow
  • Dr Marille Umakanthan


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