Medical Imaging

Northern Beaches Medical Imaging provides high-quality, timely, and accurate diagnostic imaging to Hospital patients and the local community.

It facilitates an entire range of diagnostic imaging (except for positron emission tomography).
Led by clinicians and experts in different specialist fields, the imaging service delivers:

  • all general and dental X-Ray
  • mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis
  • all ultrasound, including musculoskeletal, obstetric and vascular
  • all general and special CT (CAT Scan), including:
    • CT coronary angiography
    • CT colonography
    • dual energy CT
    • musculoskeletal CT
    • brain perfusion CT
  • all general and special MR (MRI), including:
    • musculoskeletal MR
    • cardiac MR
    • oncologic MR
    • neuro MR
    • body MR
    • prostate MR
    • breast MR
  • all general and special nuclear medicine, including:
    • cardiac scans
    • musculoskeletal nuclear medicine for fractures, arthritis and osteomyelitis
    • infection diagnosis
    • characterisation of liver masses
    • oncologic bone scans
    • thyroid and parathyroid scans
    • lung scans for pulmonary embolism and other indications
    • renal scans
    • imaging for characterisation of neurodegenerative disease
  • imaging-guided injections, biopsies, and other invasive procedures
  • bone mineral density measurement.

The centre uses the latest imaging equipment:

  • 3T (Medicare licensed) and 1.5T MR scanners
  • Cardiac CT, Trauma CT, and procedural CT scanners
  • US machines capable of high-resolution musculoskeletal, abdominal and obstetric imaging
  • low-dose mammography unit with digital breast tomosynthesis
  • two SPECT-CT cameras for nuclear medicine fused with low-dose CT for anatomical clarity
  • DEXA scanner, modern digital X-Ray rooms
  • a fully digital department with industry-standard access via the Inteleviewer platform.

Please note - Some tests may require special preparation, and a small number of tests and procedures will only be undertaken once a safety check has been satisfactorily completed.

Location and operating hours:

Northern Beaches Medical Imaging is located on the Hospital Ground Floor. Please follow the signs from the main entrance or ask for directions at Concierge.
We are open during business hours for all elective imaging, and available 24-hours for emergency imaging via the Emergency Department.

Accessing results:

For community and rooms referrers - We will set up your online access to our results and image viewing platforms.

For hospital patients - Our results flow through to the hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and images are visible on hospital computer Inteleviewer logins; requests can be made via the EMR.

Contact us:

Phone: 9470 5200
Fax: 9470 5201

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