Cardiac Care

The Cardiac Care team aims to provide outstanding cardiac care and services to the residents of the Northern Beaches. They offer a comprehensive range of inpatient diagnostic and interventional cardiac services to public and private patients, including:

  • echocardiography
  • cardiac CT
  • cardiac MRI
  • coronary angiography
  • coronary stenting (currently private patients only, but soon for public patients as well)
  • pacemakers
  • cardiothoracic surgery (private patients only).

The Hospital has state-of-the-art hybrid and cardiothoracic theatres, and cardiac catheterisation and interventional labs, in which specialised procedures can be performed.

Our Cardiac Care services can be accessed via the Hospital's Emergency Department, or by contacting our specialists in their private rooms – please refer to the Northern Beaches Hospital Doctors Directory for the most current practice information:


  • Associate Professor Martin Brown
  • Dr Maros Elsik
  • Dr Thomas Gavaghan
  • Dr Natasha Huon
  • Dr Peter Illes
  • Dr Arvind Iyer
  • Dr Logan Kanagaratnam
  • Dr Antony Lau
  • Dr George Lau
  • Dr Linda Lin
  • Dr Masami Miyashita
  • Dr George Rudan
  • Dr Vijay Solanki
  • Dr Susan Wright
  • Dr Dylan Wynne
  • Dr Amely Zaininger
  • Dr Eoin O’Dwyer
  • Dr Ferris Touma
  • Dr Christopher Barnes
  • Dr Michael Ward
  • Dr Harry Klimis
  • Dr Elizabeth Shaw
  • Ass.Prof Andrew Roy
  • Dr David Marshman

Cardiothoracic surgeons:

  • Peter Brady
  • Dr RJL Brereton
  • Dr Emily Granger
  • Dr Manu Mathur
  • Professor Michael Wilson



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