Nursing Leadership

Director of Nursing - Fiona Allsop

Fiona commenced as Director of Nursing in 2019Fiona Allsop.jpg.  She is responsible for nursing practice, professional development and workforce, quality governance including patient safety and risk and patient experience and engagement.

Fiona has worked in England and Australia and has a proven track record in operational delivery in complex organisations.  She is proud of the opportunities that nursing has given her and the partnerships that she has built over her nursing career.   She leads a skilled, experienced and caring team of nurses and allied health professionals and is committed to the delivery of high quality, safe and effective clinical care.

She is focussed on the development of education pathways and supporting less experienced nurses to develop and grow as part of the Northern Beaches team. 


Deputy Director of Nursing - Gary Lloyd

Gary Lloyd.jpgGary commenced as Deputy Director of Nursing at Northern Beaches Hospital in 2021, and works closely with our Director of Nursing and senior nursing team to lead the daily nursing and midwifery operation. In addition, he is responsible for the delivery of the Comprehensive Care Standard, and a variety of Nursing & Midwifery projects.  

Gary worked as an Assistant in Nursing since the age of 16, and subsequently qualified as a registered nurse over 20 years ago. His clinical background is in Emergency Nursing, and as a nurse practitioner. He has worked in large tertiary and quaternary emergency departments and whole of hospital services in London and Sydney, before moving into senior leadership roles.  His experience is complemented by post graduate qualifications in Leadership - Health & Human Services, Emergency & Critical Care Nursing and qualification as a nurse practitioner and nurse prescriber in the UK.

Gary is extremely proud to be a nurse. He is passionate about empowering our nurses with advanced and innovative knowledge and skills to always deliver only the very best evidence based care at the bedside.


Service Manager, Women & Children’s Service - Tanya Panetta

TTanya Panetta.jpganya has been with Northern Beaches Hospital since it’s opening in 2018 and is currently the Service Manager for Women and Children’s Services. Tanya works closely with the other members of the nursing leadership team to ensure the delivery of family centred evidence based care.

Tanya has a background in nursing with post a graduate qualification in Emergency nursing spending time in education and leadership roles before changing direction  into paediatric nursing and then completing a graduate diploma in midwifery. After working for several years across various models of maternity care delivery she completed graduate qualifications in leadership and moved into a Midwifery Manager Role prior to her current position.

Tanya is passionate about providing family centred care and is proud to be a nurse and a midwife. She is also passionate about supporting our future generations of nurses and midwives through the provision of training programs in these special areas at Northern Beaches Hospital.


Service Manager, Medical Services - Courtney Lace

Courtney cCourtney Lace.jpgommenced as the Medicine Service Manager at NBH in 2022 and is responsible for the strategic and operational activities of the service. Courtney works closely with the Deputy Director of Nursing to ensure the delivery of evidence-based nursing care to our patients.

Courtney trained as a Registered Nurse and subsequently completed a Masters in Acute Care Nursing. She has a clinical background is in Cardiology and Heart and Lung Transplant Nursing. Prior to NBH, Courtney worked for 13 years at an acute care hospital in Sydney in a variety of nursing and management roles.


Service Manager, Surgical Services - Stevi Jones

Stevi was appointed as the Surgical Service Manager at NBHStevi Jones.jpg in 2022. Responsible for the operational and strategic direction of the service, Stevi working closely with her team to promote a culture of quality and safety based on contemporary practice principles, to achieve optimal outcomes.

An experienced nurse with over 30 years’ clinical, educational and management experience, Stevi has held several clinical and senior management positions in the acute health care arena, including in Sydney, Brisbane and London, UK.

Clinical experience includes high dependency nursing, neurosurgery, orthopaedic and plastic surgical nursing. Post-graduate qualifications include Nursing Education, Clinical Management, High Dependency Nursing, Neuromedical and Neurosurgical Nursing and a Masters in Health Service Management, majoring in Clinical Leadership.

Stevi is passionate about people and performance and serves to engage, motivate and empower teams to maximise their potential to transform the patient experience.


Service Manager, Mental Health Services - James Wall

James is an experienced healthcare professional who began his career as a registered nurse in the Northern Sydney Local Health District, specialising in Mental Health care. His roles have included Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Nurse Manager, and Senior Organisational Development Partner at the Centre for Education & Talent Development, RNSH.

With a focus on acute & intensive care mental health, James held state-wide instructor status in violence prevention management. He has contributed to published formal research on consumer-side handover and has played a leadership role in two major CEC Quality Improvement Projects, concentrating on reducing restrictive practices and improving metabolic outcomes in mental health consumers.

Possessing a Master's in Mental Health and completing an MBA, James brings a dedicated work ethic and strong skill set to Northern Beaches Hospital. Committed to creative and innovative thinking around the delivery of contemporary health care, his background in mental health and management aligns with the hospital's objectives, contributing to its commitment to excellence and patient-centred care.


Education Services Manager - Helen Kelly

Helen commenced working as the Education Services Manager at the Northern Beaches Hospital in January 2024. She is responsible for the management and dhelen kelly.jpgelivery of education, training programs, and courses across the Northern Beaches Hospital.

Helen has worked as a Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Clinical Nurse Educator in the public and private health sectors within NSW and QLD. She has primarily worked in the specialty area of cardiac nursing. Helen also has 15 years experience teaching undergraduate nursing students in the Tertiary Education Sector as a lecturer and subject coordinator.

Helen is a passionate educator and is proud to be a registered nurse. She is also passionate about mentoring and supporting future generations of health care professionals so they can reach their full potential and provide excellent care for patients.



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