Birthing and Maternity

Welcome to Northern Beaches Hospital Birthing

We are a team of happy, highly-experienced midwives and clinical staff who love what we do. We are passionate about providing excellence in medical care, regardless of patient status.

Our job is a special one that involves the safe delivery of babies, enhancing the health and wellbeing of mums and bubs, and supporting the getting-to-know-you phase for parents and their precious new family member.

An important aim for us is to ensure that our mums and babies are happy when they head home. So, as well as providing advice around breastfeeding and baby-settling techniques, we will also prioritise your emotional wellbeing as you adjust to your new way of life.

Different models of care

The Northern Beaches Hospital cares for both public and private patients. Woman have different needs and expectations throughout their pregnancy and childbirth, so they get to choose the way they birth and the model of care that suits them best.

We have 10 luxurious, state-of-the-art birthing suites for all our mums-to-be.

Each room has an en suite bathroom, a bath for pain relief, fetal monitoring equipment, a TV, and free Wi-Fi. There is also a fold-out bed for your partner, or support person, who is welcome to stay with you for your entire labour and delivery.

Three of our suites have birthing pools (public patients only), and we provide a range of equipment for labouring, such as mediballs and support bars.

Birthing mums have access to a variety of pharmaceutical and natural pain-relief options. Our midwives are even trained to support holistic birthing methods, such as hypnobirthing.

Click here for a virtual tour of our Birthing Suites

We ask that public maternity patients book their stay no later than 10 weeks of pregnancy, and private patients no later than 20 weeks of pregnancy.

To register, please refer to our eAdmissions page.

Paid parenting education classes are available to patients, and include a tour of the birthing facilities and Maternity Ward. Hospital tours are free of charge to prospective private patients.

To book a class, select and complete the appropriate form below and return it to

For labour and delivery:

  • Bring anything you like to make yourself comfortable during labour (eg a favourite pillow, music, oils, a TENS machines). You and your partner/support person will have access to refreshments, but are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

For the maternity ward:

  • Nappies and wipes.
  • Comfortable clothing for mum.
  • Toiletries.
  • Maternity pads and breast pads. We also highly recommend Hydrogel Breast Discs for their soothing and healing properties during the transition to breastfeeding.
  • Clothing and a swaddle for bub to go home in.

See this article ‘What to pack for labour and hospital – a checklist’ for a complete guide.

Contact the Birthing Unit day or night (9105 5240):

  • with questions, or if you are unsure whether to come in or not
  • if you are in labour, so we can prepare for your arrival.

Bring your packed bag (see 'What to bring to Hospital' section above).

Notify your partner or support person (and doula, if you have one). Please ask them to wear enclosed shoes.

Come to Hospital:

  • There is a drop-off bay close to the Hospital entrance, and a 1400-space multistory car park nearby.
  • Make your way to a lift bay and come to Level 2. Follow the signs to ‘Birthing Unit’.
  • If you are in strong labour, and have phoned ahead, we will meet you in the Hospital lobby (please call on arrival or ask at the Concierge desk).

The neurodevelopmental wellbeing of all newborn babies is a high priority for the Hospital, including babies delivered by caesarean section and those in the Special Care Nursery.

As soon as your baby is delivered, and you are both fit and well, midwives will support you in:

  • Skin-to-skin contact (for dads and partners too) – Studies clearly demonstrate the benefits to maternal and infant health, breastfeeding success, and parental confidence post-discharge.
  • Early initiation of lactation – The World Health Organization recommends babies are attached to the breast as soon as possible after birth for breastfeeding success and optimal infant health. We also respect that it is every woman’s right to choose to breastfeed or not.
  • Rooming-in - Mums and babies who do not require special care stay together in the postnatal suites. Rooming-in promotes bonding and parental confidence before heading home. In particular, it helps parents get used to their baby’s noises and mannerisms. Please note, this means the Hospital does not have a night nursery.

Our brand-new maternity suites have a peaceful ambience and an outlook of the Northern Beaches.

We can accommodate up to 20 private and 20 public patients. All private patients receive their own room with en suite bathroom, and public patients share a room and en suite bathroom with 1 other patient. The ward is co-located with the Special Care Nursery for easy access, should your baby need closer monitoring.

When you have your baby at the Northern Beaches Hospital, you will receive:

  • a full range of specialist medical care for you and your baby
  • chef-designed a la carte meals
  • customised support, including:
    • visits from lactation consultants (if needed)
    • access to physiotherapists, social workers and other allied health professionals
    • emotional support and counselling (if desired)
    • education (eg breastfeeding, infant development, pain management, safe infant sleeping)
    • guidance with baby-settling and handling
    • discharge planning
  • free Wi-Fi
  • free hot beverages
  • comfortable lounge areas for your visitors.

Take a virtual tour of our post-natal rooms

If you would like to have your baby as a private Northern Beaches Hospital patient, you can start the process by choosing an obstetrician for your journey. Your obstetrician will care for you during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and the early post-natal period. Please refer to our list of obstetricians who work at the Northern Beaches Hospital.

You can also look forward to a few little extra luxuries when you’re on the private ward:

  • Spacious single room with en suite bathroom
  • Bed for 1 partner or support person to stay overnight
  • ‘Congratulations’ snack box, high tea, and pastry selection
  • Gift bag
  • Free in-room television / entertainment package.

Visiting hours for the Maternity Ward are 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm. It is important to the recovery of mums and babies that they have a period of rest between 1-3pm. Partners and support people can come and go as they please.

We are a locked ward. Visitors will need to buzz the intercom and wait to be admitted by a staff member.

Partners of private patients have the option to stay overnight as an extra support for mums.

If staying overnight, partners please:

  • ensure you are dressed appropriately in clothing or sleepwear at all times and wear shoes when outside your room
  • anticipate noise and interruptions at night; staff may enter your room at any time
  • limit your mobile phone usage to your room as a courtesy to other patients and staff.

Community Services:

  • Your midwife will arrange for you to see additional service providers (should you require any), such as social workers, physiotherapists, mental health professionals, occupational therapists, parenting support workers, and drug and alcohol support workers.

Car Seats:

  • If you are returning home by car, you are required to restrain your infant safely and in accordance with Australian law. Please have this fitted before you are expected to come in.

Post-natal check-ups:

  • If you are a public patient, you will have access to our Midwifery In The Home (MITH) program. A midwife will visit you at home in the first few days following discharge. Depending on individual circumstances, you may receive further visits within the first 2 weeks following delivery to assess the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.
  • If you are a private patient, you will have a post-natal check-up with your chosen obstetrician, usually 6-weeks post-natal.
  • The Early Childhood Centre will be in touch after you are discharged. They will aim to see you within 1-2 weeks once you are settled in at home.

To see a list of our Obstetricians, please refer to the Northern Beaches Hospital Doctors Directory.

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