Transit Lounge

The Transit Lounge is a comfortable space for all patients to rest and prepare for their discharge from hospital. It accommodates all patients - public and private - who are going home or being transported to another facility.

The Transit Lounge is a service unique to many hospitals. Importantly, it helps fulfil the promise of patient-centred care as it:

  • provides patients with a high-level of focused pre-discharge care
  • reduces relapse and the worsening of conditions
  • supports the transition home - physically, emotionally and procedurally
  • assists with patient flow in the hospital, freeing up new beds
  • takes discharge processing off the wards and off busy clinicians.
  • You will be transferred from your ward (or the Short Stay area in Emergency) to the Transit Lounge.
  • Experienced nursing staff will facilitate your discharge. Specifically, they will:
    • go through your medications and pain management plans with you
    • ensure you have necessary referrals, doctor's letters and appointments
    • provide you with additional education and information.
  • They will also help you arrange your transport.
  • Comfortable beds and recliners
  • Meals and refreshments
  • TV / entertainment package
  • Wi-Fi
  • Reading materials

If you are collecting a patient from the Transit Lounge, there's no need to park and come inside - we have a short-term pick-up bay.

Patients will be advised to text/ring you just prior to their discharge. We don't have an intercom, but feel free to phone us on 9105 5013 or 9105 5014 upon arrival.

  • The Northern Beaches Hospital is located at 105 Frenchs Forest Road (West) Frenchs Forest NSW 2086.
  • The Transit Lounge is located on the Hospital's South side on Wilsonia Road:
    • Drive past main entrance, past the taxi sign, and through the 'No Entry' sign.
    • Turn left at the end of the building and follow the signs to the Transit Lounge.
    • Pull up outside in the allocated short-term parking.
  • Click on our WayFinder Map to view the Hospital grounds.
  • Get directions from your location with the Site Locator.

Hours: 8:30am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday
Telephone: 9105 5013/5014

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