The Northern Beaches Hospital aims to provide high-level, productive private neurosurgical services to the local community and beyond.

A full range of neurosurgical pathologies can now be managed at the Hospital, following a strategic progression from simple to more complex cases.

The Hospital now offers patients:

  • Spinal surgery - Both simple and complex surgeries, such as disc replacements and instrumented fusions, have been successfully performed. All have had excellent outcomes and been positive experiences.
  • Cranial surgery - The team is positioned to commence with leading neurosurgical equipment, including computerised microscopes, 3D integrative imaging technology, and prototype ultrasonic tumour-removal devices.
  • Cerebral angiography - Now available and supported by the best biplane machine available. It can produce ultrahigh resolution 3D images to help with the diagnosis and treatment of aneurysms and other complex vascular pathologies.
  • Latest technology - Surgeons can facilitate unprecedented accuracy in cranial and spinal surgery. Technologies include the latest generation O-arm and S8 Medtronic stealth station to help achieve the best possible surgical and neurological outcomes.
  • There are currently 9 Neurosurgeons and 3 Interventional Neuroradiology specialists credentialed to work at Northern Beaches Hospital. They are some of the country's most experienced neurosurgeons with subspecialty interests in Australia, including dual-trained vascular/endovascular neurosurgeons, tumour surgeons, spine surgeons, and movement disorder surgeons.

Neurosurgeons can be contacted individually in their rooms - please refer to the Northern Beaches Hospital Doctors Directory for the latest practice information.

Queries regarding the Hospital's neurosurgical services can be directed to:

Dr Jonathan Curtis, Head of Unit
Telephone: 9460 9216

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