GP Education

CPD Calendar for 2021

This year we have a great mix of webinars and all day (40-point) face-to-face events based on the subjects that GPs have requested.

We had hundreds of GPs attend each webinar last year; please register interest early.

For more information and to register, please email 

Thursday 25 March - Endocrinology (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Wednesday 28 April - Mental Health (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Thursday 15 July - Neurosciences (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Thursday 22 July - Fertility & Obstetrics (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Thursday 19 August - Weight loss & plastic surgery (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Wednesday 15 September - Orthopaedics & Pain Medicine (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Thursday 21 October - Cardiac (3 points) EVENT COMPLETE
Wednesday 24 November - Urology (3 points) REGISTER HERE
Wednesday 1 December - Health Panel (with: Geriatrician, ENT specialist, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Paediatrician, Oncologist)

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