Quality Department

The Northern Beaches Hospital Quality Department is entirely dedicated to patient safety. It works to minimise the likelihood of adverse events and to promote continuous quality improvement.

Our team ensures the Hospital meets the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, evidenced through achieving full accreditation by an authorised external body. Accreditation involves a visit to the hospital from an independent team of expert health professionals who review the quality and safety of services provided. Hospitals are measured against 8 overarching standards with many different criteria, including patient-centred care, medication management, clinical handover, infection prevention, and staff education, among others.

Healthscope supports the transparent reporting of healthcare quality data. To do so, we implement a range of systems to collect, analyse, and report on performance to patients, staff and external bodies.

One of the most important indicators of performance is Patient Experience. The Northern Beaches Hospital is committed to providing the best possible experience for patients, and uses industry-leading tools to evaluate patient feedback. Healthscope is one of the few healthcare providers to conduct patient surveys continually throughout the year, allowing for results that are timely and more accurate than periodic surveys. Healthscope's electronic Patient Experience portal enables senior hospital staff to review feedback as the surveys are completed. This means we are able to immediately identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

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