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Healthscope is one of Australia’s largest providers of healthcare and a recognised leader of quality, private health care services.

We manage 45 hospitals throughout Australia, mental health facilities, rehabilitation and extended care facilities and medical centres across Australia and overseas.

We work every day with the public sector and have many private hospitals co-located with major public hospitals, with five of these in NSW: Prince of Wales, Newcastle, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Nepean.

Healthscope has an uncompromising focus on patient outcomes and one of the lowest staff turnovers in the private healthcare sector. We take pride in staff and patient satisfaction and were one of BRW’s top 50 innovative companies in 2013.

We have one of the lowest hospital infection rates in Australia, which might seem like a strange thing to brag about but it’s important to us.

Healthscope is an ASX listed company.

To find out more, visit www.healthscope.com.au

Northern Beaches Hospital is being built on a 6.5 hectare site at Frenchs Forest about 15km north of the Sydney CBD.

Northern Beaches Hospital will provide the same high standard of care to all our patients. Public patients will not have to pay for public health services at the new hospital. Funding will be guaranteed for public patient services through a long-term contract between Northern Sydney Local Health District and Healthscope.

For the first time, you will be able to choose private hospital accommodation, in your local Northern Beaches area, close to family and friends. As a private patient, you will have a superior single room with en-suite, your choice of specialist, no significant waiting time for surgery or treatment, plus a range of benefits including a la carte menu, free Wi-Fi internet and patient entertainment system.

To volunteer at Northern Beaches Hospital, please email volunteering@northernbeacheshospital.com.au

The hospital has been designed in a way that ensures we can deliver the right services to the right volumes for many decades to come. There is a detailed plan for expansion within the site boundary and the smart design allows us to easily convert space. Planning services for the long term is something that we do very well.

NSW Health has a policy, including a standard rate for car parking in NSW hospitals and this will apply at Northern Beaches Hospital, with the usual discounts.

The road upgrades are not part of Healthscope’s hospital project as this work is led by Roads and Maritime Services. For information visit Roads and Maritime Services.

No, Healthscope will design, construct, operate and maintain the new hospital and provide the best possible ongoing care for both public and private patients on the Northern Beaches for 20 years. It does not own Northern Beaches Hospital.At the end of the contract period, the public portion of the hospital can be handed back to the NSW Government and Healthscope will continue to provide services to private patients for an additional 20 years before the entire facility is returned to Government.

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